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What is overcome bias?


What is outcome bias?

Outcome bias refers to cognitive bias in ignoring processes and judging outcomes based on whether the outcome is positive or negative.

Characteristics of outcome bias

    Because of outcome bias, we ignore the process and judge only by the outcome.

    Outcome bias causes you to simply focus on whether the outcome is positive or negative.
    If a rational choice at the time has negative consequences due to outcome bias, it is mistaken for an irrational choice.


Examples of Outcome bias


An example of outcome bias is every choice you make on a daily basis. Results bias can occur when a choice that was good at the time but has bad results today, or a choice that was bad at the time but has good results now.

Outcome bias three-line summary 

-Outcome bias refers to a cognitive bias that ignores the process and judges only the outcome.

-Due to outcome bias, even a rational choice will be judged as a result.

-Outcome bias occurs in all judgments.

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