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What is narcissism?



Definition of narcissism

In severe narcissism, Narcissism stands for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Narcissism originated in the story of Narcissus in Greek and Roman mythology.

Characteristics of narcissism

     Narcissists envy an exaggerated image of themselves.

    Narcissism, when in excess, can lead to Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    Narcissists are often caused by trauma or betrayal from the past.

    Narcissism is easy to see in modern society.

    Excessive narcissism seeks to control others. Narcissists compel their own thoughts into others.

    Narcissists have an excess of self-image. Narcissists think their thoughts or actions are better than others.

    Narcissists are not good at empathizing with others.

    Narcissists do not feel guilty or ashamed.

    Narcissists crave power and fame excessively.

    Narcissism can also be viewed as false confidence. Narcissism arises from the gap between their ideals and reality.

    Narcissists have a sense of inferiority towards others. So narcissists cannot truly praise others.

    Narcissists try to take advantage of people.

Examples of narcissism

 Envying the ideal figure on SNS is a typical example. While envying their exaggerated false image, they deny their reality.

In other words, instead of 100% of their lives, Narcissists only share things that look good to  others. Narcissists' psychology is, "I want to brag about 'I'm so happy', but narcissists are not really happy now."

This is the reason that narcissists' lives and narcissists' exaggerated self-representation in SNS are different.

Cautions for narcissism


Not everyone who matches the above characteristics is a narcissist.

Narcissism is a trait that most people have, and if it is excessive, it can cause harm to others.

Three Lines of Narcissism

-Narcissism has excessive self-representation.
-Narcissists try to take advantage from people.
-The way to overcome narcissism is to realize your expectations and close the gap between your ideals and reality.

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